Monday, September 30, 2013

Travel Box # 2 " Blast from the past"

The Blast From The Past is getting ready to blast off as we try to show  the group how we can recreate our childhoods. Whether it be music, cars, movies, pictures,games, clothes, and or jewelry. It could be anything from our childhood. We'll be making charms. As we do this one charm must be from the 1950's time at first I said 1956. I think it may be easier just to do one from the 1950's time. It must be marked on the back 1950 and placed on the chain and never to be removed, it stays in it's placement spot. We then will make 6 other charms from our childhood. Three of those charms will be placed on  the chain any where. If you like where those are place keep in it's place if not move somewhere else on the chain.The other two charms save for yourself because you will be making a  blast from the past charm bracelet for yourself.The chain will then go to the next person on the list and they'll be doing the same , but they get to remove three of those childhood charms and keep for themselves as long it's from the childhood time only and be added to your charm bracelet.Please don't reveal the chain in group of what you make I'll set reveal dates and notify you.   The only thing that we'll reveal in group is picture of items that we are going to try to replicate. There will be some twist and turns in this Travel Box! You may now start working on some of these charms . I will now show what I'm going to try to replicate, some I can not show . Just memories. Charlie brown is from the 1950's      Vintage Peanuts Snoopy 1956 Hungerford "Charlie Brown" Vinyl Dollvintage 6 miniature cast irons fry pans and by Linsvintageboutique, $19.501960's1960s - Peace ♥ Love ♥ MusicI remember playing Monopoly with old game pieces like these ...Chatty Cathy paper dollplastic baby rattlesFlower powerNo I'm not going to try to make this girl, but there is something  in this photo that I will, and that is what it's all about. The 1960's if you remember was all about peace and it's power! There you go these are some of what I'm doing. You can make your charms anyway  you want. Have fun!!! Look for it it coming to you soon.    

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How do I make1956 Charm

Some of the group members have asked... How can I make a charm from 1956?  Maybe it's the charm part that might be throwing some off, so let me change the wording  to a item that represent that time.I really can't tell you that.Mainly because, that would take away from all the fun. I can only help you get your thinking caps on. You have to take yourself back to 1956, maybe a little research. Here's a few photo's,research 1950's if that make it easier. Ask yourself these question and then just let it flow. What was going on in the fifties? Was there a war? What kind of jewelry were they wearing back then. What kinds of trends in fashion were there. Maybe get inspiration from a movie or music from that time. I  will tell you this as a hint I see resin pouring, rev its popping, clay twisting along with some re purpose coming to see me, and colors coming alive! 

 Yahtzee was a hot game,  there were albums and 45's,Elvis was the musicthey say someone spotted a ufo
perfume bottle jewelsThey had play doh
look they even played baseball big back then.   T.V was black and white, but how about those old movies. Oh wait I think maybe a little steampunk might of been going here. Oh but wait ... I must tell you there is a twist in this travel box. Do your history if you must., but reframe yourself from doing all the work now. See you later