Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Like Button and Comments

I was talking to a group member and friend today one of the things we talked about was liking ones work. Just wondering how everyone feels about this... If I hit the like button letting you know that I like your piece am I really saying I like it. You know what I mean... But If I tell you I like it and post a comment wouldn't that be better. I know we all are busy is there a way to tell someone why you like there work. We're all learning and I know with myself you guys will tell me something totally different than what my family tells me. Trust me on that!!!!! In short I think we need to take the time with one another and be honest about work. I wouldn't want someone liking the like button if they don't like it. That way I don't keep doing what I'm doing. If that makes since. I want to create stuff that will sell and I can't get better if you aren't honest with me. Just food for thought.