Sunday, October 27, 2013

Travel box #2 charm reveal... This is my story! What's Yours!

"Blast from the Past" travel box charms

  The charms that I chose to use tell only part of my story from my  childhood.
   I was born in 1964.  Lived in Florida for part of my childhood until my parents divorced and we moved to Va where I still reside.                                                     I have been a Redskin fan since moving to Va. At a young age I started a dairy. I also went to church every Sunday with my mother. When my mother remarried there was 7 kids in the house.She did a lot of sewing. My mom and I  made a outfit for my oldest son for professional photo.We played monopoly a lot on family night. I really hate that game.I find it takes too long to play.                                                                                                                                  Johnny cash and Elvis Presley was the music of choice for my parents.You know as well as I; what they listened to is what you also listen to. The only difference is we listen to music today on cd's,and maybe a cassette.As a child we listened to music off of old 45 records and 33's( albums). My parents listen off 8 tracks. Hmmm....How time can change something. One things for sure Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley music has never changed and is still loved, admired by many today including the younger generation. My choice of music as a teen was Rock, more to the southern. Still love today along with other choices.What good old Jonny and Elvis has done for all!  
Cloth diapers were around. I would never have thought of using them, but I did with my first child  to make ends meet from time to time.                                                                                                                  There has always been a baby gerber contest, even today. They are always looking for a new one. I don't think there will ever be a better match than the original gerber baby.                                                         Tie tye was a trend as a young girl. To be hip and be in style at school you just had to have some bobby socks and saddle shoes.                                                                                                                                                          Last story before I go this memory is so vivid to me... I had the pleasure of seeing my father not to long ago before he passed. Mined you we are talking about my biological father. See after my parents divorced  we lost a lot of contact with him other than a phone call from time to time. If he had of been around, him and I would of been very close. I did get the chance to ask him if he remembers the night he was shaving in the bathroom when mom came in there and hit him in the back of the head with a 8lb cast iron frying pan. Of course he did. He said, I laugh about it today your mom trying to knock some sense in me. If you could only imagine a 4'11'" woman and a 6' man standing and his knees buckles. I've never forgot that night. It was a while before he went out playing with his friends showing off his new cars every other week.                                      That's my story!                                                                                                                                   What's Yours!          

Monday, September 30, 2013

Travel Box # 2 " Blast from the past"

The Blast From The Past is getting ready to blast off as we try to show  the group how we can recreate our childhoods. Whether it be music, cars, movies, pictures,games, clothes, and or jewelry. It could be anything from our childhood. We'll be making charms. As we do this one charm must be from the 1950's time at first I said 1956. I think it may be easier just to do one from the 1950's time. It must be marked on the back 1950 and placed on the chain and never to be removed, it stays in it's placement spot. We then will make 6 other charms from our childhood. Three of those charms will be placed on  the chain any where. If you like where those are place keep in it's place if not move somewhere else on the chain.The other two charms save for yourself because you will be making a  blast from the past charm bracelet for yourself.The chain will then go to the next person on the list and they'll be doing the same , but they get to remove three of those childhood charms and keep for themselves as long it's from the childhood time only and be added to your charm bracelet.Please don't reveal the chain in group of what you make I'll set reveal dates and notify you.   The only thing that we'll reveal in group is picture of items that we are going to try to replicate. There will be some twist and turns in this Travel Box! You may now start working on some of these charms . I will now show what I'm going to try to replicate, some I can not show . Just memories. Charlie brown is from the 1950's      Vintage Peanuts Snoopy 1956 Hungerford "Charlie Brown" Vinyl Dollvintage 6 miniature cast irons fry pans and by Linsvintageboutique, $19.501960's1960s - Peace ♥ Love ♥ MusicI remember playing Monopoly with old game pieces like these ...Chatty Cathy paper dollplastic baby rattlesFlower powerNo I'm not going to try to make this girl, but there is something  in this photo that I will, and that is what it's all about. The 1960's if you remember was all about peace and it's power! There you go these are some of what I'm doing. You can make your charms anyway  you want. Have fun!!! Look for it it coming to you soon.    

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How do I make1956 Charm

Some of the group members have asked... How can I make a charm from 1956?  Maybe it's the charm part that might be throwing some off, so let me change the wording  to a item that represent that time.I really can't tell you that.Mainly because, that would take away from all the fun. I can only help you get your thinking caps on. You have to take yourself back to 1956, maybe a little research. Here's a few photo's,research 1950's if that make it easier. Ask yourself these question and then just let it flow. What was going on in the fifties? Was there a war? What kind of jewelry were they wearing back then. What kinds of trends in fashion were there. Maybe get inspiration from a movie or music from that time. I  will tell you this as a hint I see resin pouring, rev its popping, clay twisting along with some re purpose coming to see me, and colors coming alive! 

 Yahtzee was a hot game,  there were albums and 45's,Elvis was the musicthey say someone spotted a ufo
perfume bottle jewelsThey had play doh
look they even played baseball big back then.   T.V was black and white, but how about those old movies. Oh wait I think maybe a little steampunk might of been going here. Oh but wait ... I must tell you there is a twist in this travel box. Do your history if you must., but reframe yourself from doing all the work now. See you later       

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tell me What,Why,and How?

                    Some have asked… What is a travel box?   Why are we doing this? How much does it cost

  Follow me as I try explain what the travel box is… It's a box full of magic with items of power in it to help inspire group members that sometimes just can’t find the inspiration that may need just a little boost, and for those who inspiration comes naturally. It’s a great tool to help with the development on how to look for inspiration. We all go through this. It’s a great way to use different techniques that you have not tried. There is no right or wrong, and about having fun, because as this box travels around the world it get's more powerful! You can’t buy the Travel Box. The cost is for shipping and your materials.  
   The travel Box does come with some guidelines,                                                                                        Guidelines for this box.                                                                                                                       All items need to be of quality, Member participation,stay within the theme if there is one. Share @ B'Sue Boutique Creative Group and pin on our board that I made just for reveals@ the only other thing is be able to follow direction, because with this box there are several twist and turns along the way. Oh... I forgot.  It is very important you follow the instruction that has only your name on it in the box…… It’s a SECRET!!! Have Fun!!  

Friday, August 30, 2013

cont> Travel box# 2

       Just wondering has anyone figured out yet what we're doing? Yes, we are making some charms from our past to remind us everyday how far we all have come as individuals and artists. You will create 7 charms to be added to a chain that will be in the travel box.HERE'S A TWIST!!!  one of those charms you made must be from 1956, That charm please mark 1956 on the back somewhere.THAT ONE CHARM HAS TO STAY ON THE CHAIN WHERE IT WAS ORIGINALLY PLACED! You will take three charms off the chain  that you like from another artist to make a blast from the past charm bracelet for yourself, but please make sure it's  from your childhood!  By the time we are done we will have one of those " Blast From The Past Sinker Necklaces" with all kinds of history.  No matter what kind of artist you are this will work for you just stay within the theme!  I see resin pouring, revits popping, clay twisting along with some re purpose coming to see me, and colors coming alive!

When you receive the travel box you'll need to take a photo of the blast from the past item that you will be creating like I did. Share with us@B'sue Boutiques Creative Group in group. Please Do Not Share The Charms That You Create.Just the photo of what you're going to try to make like I did. This will come at a later date, please take photo's of your charms and save them. You'll have three weeks to create your charms add to the chain send the box on it's travels please.If you can send the box sooner that would be great! When you get the box please notify me by private message to let me know you have it. I will then message you with a reveal maybe. We may do a blog hop with this one. The day you ship please message me the tracking so I may keep track where we're at.
  A fully disclosed list of all participants and addresses for mailing will be enclosed in the box, and I will have a copy of it as well in case you need assistance. Please do not sign up for the box if you think you cannot meet the deadline or comply fully with the rules. Please also be sure when sending the box to the next individual that you send the next person a message letting them know the box is on its way, along with a **tracking number**. Need more instructions, something clarified? Let me know! !     Have Fun!!!Chatty Cathy paper doll

Travel box #2

                                              Travel box # 2 Announcement                   

    It's TRAVELING BOX TIME! I am looking for GROUP MEMBERS that would like to have some fun with a few twist! The theme is: Blast From The Past . If you are interested in being part of the traveling box, please contact me @ B' Sue's Boutique creative Group, or by Facebook message.Sign ups have began and will end on Sept.26,2013. This box will be taking us back to our childhood days, so think about your surrounding when you were growing up.What kind of toys were there, movies , cars, accessories, mom jewelry, clothes, fashion the list could goes on. I added some picture just to help you go back. If you need more help look at old photos or go to pinterest a lot of stuff there.

plop-plop, fizz-fizz.......
Remember this commercial?

Played with these so much
I became an expert builder!

I remember these
 I loved Shirley Temple

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cont. on the " Travel Box" reveals

While the "Travel Box" is making it's way through the United States. I for one am very happy with the reveals that are coming out. This is the first time that I have hosted such a project, though  I have lots of experience managing business and somewhat my life this has been so rewarding to see what and how group members can really put something together and create a magnificent piece of art. It's like watching kids make something for the very first time.  And what detail was used in Irene's piece!!!! So Amazing!!!

Travel Box Reveal #3 -
Irene Hoffman's
"Butterfly Kissed Bouquet"

The 4 items I picked from the
Travel Box were a butterfly, a key and 2 hearts.

All components used in this assemblage piece are B'sue Boutiques, with the exception of the chain and bead connectors made with copper spacers, czech crystals and pineapple quartz.

If you're wondering where the 2 hearts are in this piece, I did something a little different. I rolled and formed them into 2 small tussies and filled them with curly beaded strands. Making this piece was great fun. I hope to do it again. 
Irene used these piece's out of the Travel Box to make butterfly kisses bouquet.