Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How do I make1956 Charm

Some of the group members have asked... How can I make a charm from 1956?  Maybe it's the charm part that might be throwing some off, so let me change the wording  to a item that represent that time.I really can't tell you that.Mainly because, that would take away from all the fun. I can only help you get your thinking caps on. You have to take yourself back to 1956, maybe a little research. Here's a few photo's,research 1950's if that make it easier. Ask yourself these question and then just let it flow. What was going on in the fifties? Was there a war? What kind of jewelry were they wearing back then. What kinds of trends in fashion were there. Maybe get inspiration from a movie or music from that time. I  will tell you this as a hint I see resin pouring, rev its popping, clay twisting along with some re purpose coming to see me, and colors coming alive! 

 Yahtzee was a hot game,  there were albums and 45's,Elvis was the musicthey say someone spotted a ufo
perfume bottle jewelsThey had play doh
look they even played baseball big back then.   T.V was black and white, but how about those old movies. Oh wait I think maybe a little steampunk might of been going here. Oh but wait ... I must tell you there is a twist in this travel box. Do your history if you must., but reframe yourself from doing all the work now. See you later