Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tell me What,Why,and How?

                    Some have asked… What is a travel box?   Why are we doing this? How much does it cost

  Follow me as I try explain what the travel box is… It's a box full of magic with items of power in it to help inspire group members that sometimes just can’t find the inspiration that may need just a little boost, and for those who inspiration comes naturally. It’s a great tool to help with the development on how to look for inspiration. We all go through this. It’s a great way to use different techniques that you have not tried. There is no right or wrong, and about having fun, because as this box travels around the world it get's more powerful! You can’t buy the Travel Box. The cost is for shipping and your materials.  
   The travel Box does come with some guidelines,                                                                                        Guidelines for this box.                                                                                                                       All items need to be of quality, Member participation,stay within the theme if there is one. Share @ B'Sue Boutique Creative Group and pin on our board that I made just for reveals@ the only other thing is be able to follow direction, because with this box there are several twist and turns along the way. Oh... I forgot.  It is very important you follow the instruction that has only your name on it in the box…… It’s a SECRET!!! Have Fun!!