Thursday, August 22, 2013

The travel box has travel 1/2 way through it's travels.

The reveals are coming out from the travel box.   
                Are you artsy and creative? Or maybe you don't think so. I challenge you to challenge yourself come join us at B'Sue Creative Group on Facebook.Come Get those feet wet!We would love to have you. 
                 This is a fun way to help inspire and develop your inter artistry in creating wearable designs. There is no wrong way to create art. It's really about how you want to express yourself through your designs that makes it a art form. I call it Art, because well let's see ... if you decorate a cake so much goes into it. Taste of the icing and the cake itself.Putting those flowers on it in the right spot getting the colors just right,and all the other details to make it just right.                                                                                                                      Imagine this... I want to  and impress Chef Ramsey on Hell's Kitchen.Could I do it? Yes, The challenge would be a bit big for me, but I could do it.I do have some skills in the area. I don't think I would get a restaurant though. Bobby Flay on the other hand; I would defintely do a cook off ;" Southern style."By now you are probably asking yourself why are we talking about all this cooking. Well you see... if I was going to cook a meal for you or anyone else. I'm cooking to impress or I don't cook! How am I going to acheive this ? With some simple techniques of course. Smell, taste,presentation,texture, imagine that of all things texture and lets not leave out color there are a lot more of these this is just a few, so you see cooking is also a art form! In short creativity comes in all kinds of forms. It's all in how you see it. With practice you can acheive all things!                                                                                                  These artist have made a statement with their designs while keeping within the theme "Summer has Arrived"
                  Lois Sherwood designer piece "Dragonfly in Flight "
Joan Williams  designer piece was a Silverware Plated Art Nouveau Stamping