Friday, August 30, 2013

Travel box #2

                                              Travel box # 2 Announcement                   

    It's TRAVELING BOX TIME! I am looking for GROUP MEMBERS that would like to have some fun with a few twist! The theme is: Blast From The Past . If you are interested in being part of the traveling box, please contact me @ B' Sue's Boutique creative Group, or by Facebook message.Sign ups have began and will end on Sept.26,2013. This box will be taking us back to our childhood days, so think about your surrounding when you were growing up.What kind of toys were there, movies , cars, accessories, mom jewelry, clothes, fashion the list could goes on. I added some picture just to help you go back. If you need more help look at old photos or go to pinterest a lot of stuff there.

plop-plop, fizz-fizz.......
Remember this commercial?

Played with these so much
I became an expert builder!

I remember these
 I loved Shirley Temple