Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cont. on the " Travel Box" reveals

While the "Travel Box" is making it's way through the United States. I for one am very happy with the reveals that are coming out. This is the first time that I have hosted such a project, though  I have lots of experience managing business and somewhat my life this has been so rewarding to see what and how group members can really put something together and create a magnificent piece of art. It's like watching kids make something for the very first time.  And what detail was used in Irene's piece!!!! So Amazing!!!

Travel Box Reveal #3 -
Irene Hoffman's
"Butterfly Kissed Bouquet"

The 4 items I picked from the
Travel Box were a butterfly, a key and 2 hearts.

All components used in this assemblage piece are B'sue Boutiques, with the exception of the chain and bead connectors made with copper spacers, czech crystals and pineapple quartz.

If you're wondering where the 2 hearts are in this piece, I did something a little different. I rolled and formed them into 2 small tussies and filled them with curly beaded strands. Making this piece was great fun. I hope to do it again. 
Irene used these piece's out of the Travel Box to make butterfly kisses bouquet.