Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today I'm going to talk about a color that I just don't like but here recently I'm finding myself drawn to it.This color, if you were  t o ask me to describe it.The first thought that comes to mind is a bus about 35 years old before they changed the color and made it a deeper tone color of the original. When I was a kid this color would give me a headache. Can you figure out the color?  Yes,
yellow. When I think  about this color now I can actually find some beauty in it. I think about things that I like that have some of this color in it that I do like.This color is being worn more and more today.
  I sat down last night and decided to make something using this color. I wanted a flower, but  something that would pop a little and calm the tone of the yellow for me.  The good thing about this flower it has a lot of health benefits as well as beauty.