Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I was reading a blog today.The challenge for Feburary was: What is your why's. You need 15.I'm not participating in the challenge but I thought it would be a good introdution for my blog. I'm not so sure I have 15 but each day I'll try to tell my why's. My first one.... Why do I want to bring back something in my life that I put off for so many years. 22 years ago I lost someone in my life that inspired me to be me, and do things that bring me lots of joy and happiness. It shattered my world as I knew it. I'm tearing up right now as I write this. I guess this is why the Why's are so important. I lost my mother she was 46 and I was only 28 a mother of three and at the time my marriage wasn't what it should of been. A husband that, well let's just say not very responsible. Through the years that changed. Thank goodness.  I lost my inspiration to what I love. My passion is not only jewelry it's other art work. I had to go back into managerment at least I knew I could pay the bills. For anyone that runs someone else's business you know there is no true reward for yourself. Since the death of my mother I have had this picture that has drawn me to it each day it For some reason when I look at it I think of my mother. It is totally crazy because it's not even a picture of her. I bought this picture at a yard sell it just drew me in. It two angels one is kissing the other. Everyday that I look at it I keep asking myself  when are you going to take that step of fate and go do what you wanted to do many years ago.  So this is my why for today it's time!!!