Monday, February 11, 2013

Now that I feel better I figured I would give another  One of my Why's. One of the biggest reasons is because of Grand Daughter she gives me so much  inspiration.   It all got started one day when she wanted me to help her color and draw pictures.She was getting mad because she couldn't draw, " I told her to start with a color and it would come to you." Mind you she is only 3. Of course she wanted me to show her what I was talking about and that is all it took.  Everyday Layla nd sit and draw. We also work with color and color blending. When I draw it's usually something that I'm going to make next, but believe me that girl has caught on. We all can create something. That is is why the gift is so great. So my Why is my granddaughter I want her to know that everyone can create something you just have to try.